Fall – Week #3 Basketball Camp (4-Day Half-Day Camp) – If it rains NO Camp (w/ make up on Friday)


Viking’s Fall Four-Day Half-Day Camps are SHINE ONLY Camps. This means in the event of rain, camp would not run that day. The Friday of each week is the make-up day if a camp day is rained out. If there is no rain in a week, there is no camp on Friday. If there are two or more rain-outs in a week, you will receive a refund for all of the canceled camp days. (i.e. If there are TWO rainouts in a week, you will receive a refund for ONE day since your child was able to attend THREE days of camp and this is FOUR day camp). We will only issue refunds for days that we (Viking) cancel.

All weather notifications will occur by 12pm at the latest each day.  We will update our twitter account (@VikingSportsMA), our facebook account (@VikingSportsMA), our home page (www.vikingsports.com), and by email.  Please feel free to email us if you have any questions.

At Viking’s Brookline Basketball Camps**, our coaches will teach both basic and advanced techniques that are important on both sides of the ball. The skills include, but are not limited to, dribbling, shooting, passing, defensive positioning, and more! The coaches will also teach the campers different plays and defensive strategies. We will play a variety of games including Knock Out, Dynasty, and Steal the Cookies. All Viking basketball camps conclude with the Viking Final Four. All Viking campers receive a Viking T-shirt and a Certificate of Completion.

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