Fall – Week #3 Soccer Camp (4-Day Half-Day Camp) – If it rains NO Camp (w/ make up on Friday)


Viking’s Fall Four-Day Half-Day Camps are SHINE ONLY Camps. This means in the event of rain, camp would not run that day. The Friday of each week is the make-up day if a camp day is rained out. If there is no rain in a week, there is no camp on Friday. If there are two or more rain-outs in a week, you will receive a refund for all of the canceled camp days. (i.e. If there are TWO rainouts in a week, you will receive a refund for ONE day since your child was able to attend THREE days of camp and this is FOUR day camp). We will only issue refunds for days that we (Viking) cancel.

All weather notifications will occur by 12pm at the latest each day.  We will update our twitter account (@VikingSportsMA), our facebook account (@VikingSportsMA), our home page (www.vikingsports.com), and by email.  Please feel free to email us if you have any questions.

At Viking’s Brookline Soccer Camps**, we teach campers both basic and advanced techniques of soccer, including dribbling, passing, receiving and shooting. We keep it fun and lively with games like Goalie Wars, Dynasty, and 4-way Soccer. All Viking Brookline Youth Soccer Camps conclude with the Viking World Cup! All Viking campers will receive a Viking T-shirt and Certificate of Completion.

**Due to the social distancing guidelines that are currently in place, our multi-sports camps will not include any close-contact games and all of the sports, games, and activities we play at camp will comply with social distancing guidelines. As we get closer to the start of camp, these guidelines may loosen allowing for more close contact games, but in the meantime, we are preparing for this camp to follow the social distancing guidelines currently set forth by the DPH.

New Protocols, Procedures, and Precautions*

*the following list is a brief overview of just some of the new protocols, procedures, and precautions Viking is taking at camp in 2020. Please CLICK HERE for a full detailed list of all changes. As the fall progresses, some of these protocols may change. These changes may occur due to new guidance from the health department or we may determine better operation procedures as the camp season progresses. This is all new to us, and we hope you can bare with us, and thank you for you patience.

  • Drop Off & Pick Up Times will be staggered. (i.e. Group A will get Dropped Off at 8:40am and Picked Up at 2:40pm, Group B will get Dropped Off at 9:00am and Picked Up at 3:00pm) Each Camp Group will have a six hour camp day, unless your child is in the Extended Day group.
  • Drop Off and Pick Up will be done from the car. At Drop Off, a Health Care Supervisor will perform a quick screening of each camper including a temperature check with a contactless thermometer and ask a series of COVID related questions to the parent/guardian
  • Only one parent/guardian can be at Drop Off and Pick Up.
  • Parents and staff must sign written attestations daily regarding any household contacts with COVID-19, symptoms (e.g., fever, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath, loss of smell or taste, or diarrhea), or if they have given children medicine to lower a fever.
  • All staff will go through a health screening when arriving to camp prior to any camper arrivals. Each staff member will have their  temperature checked with a contactless thermometer and be asked a series of COVID related questions
  • Health Checks will be taken periodically during the day
  • All Health Check and Temperature Checks will be recorded and maintained on file
  • All groups will be less than 12 including staff
  • All staff will receive special COVID health and cleaning training
  • Social Distancing will be practiced at ALL times, including activities
  • Each group will have their own assigned indoor space for the entire week in the event of inclement weather or excessive heat
  • Equipment will NOT be shared between groups and will be disinfected after each use
  • Hand washing and hand sanitizing will be required multiple times throughout the day
  • Campers must have written parent/guardian permission to use hand sanitizer
  • Campers and Staff will not be able to switch groups during a week of camp
  • Groups can and will NOT be combined during any camp day
  • Campers must supply their own masks to be worn at Drop Off, Pick Up, and whenever moving to and from an indoor location or bathroom.
  • Health Care Supervisors will wear PPE coverings and masks at Drop Off and Pick Up. Coaches will wear masks any time they are not with their group.

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