Viking Babysitting

Viking Babysitting Nights

Do you and your significant other want a peaceful night out to yourselves, but you can not find a sitter or they cost too much?  Drop your kids at the Viking Activity Center. We have a great play space that will keep your kids occupied for hours. Located right outside of Boston, Viking is great location so you can drop off and run into the city for dinner.
Offered 6-8pm any night of the week
Rates from $375 – $240 depending on amount of children
Please call ahead to book your very own babysitting night!  We can also post on our website and social media outlets to advertise for other parents who might be interested in bringing their children in the same night and splitting the cost with you!
Great for Brookline Mom’s to get together, plan a night out and set something up with us and split the cost amongst themselves!