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Viking Sports is an award winning, private recreation company that specializes in fun. We strongly believe that fun should be the main component of a sports community, and we believe that this sports community should be available to all. The positive developmental benefits of being involved in an active and friendly community like Viking Sports is beneficial across all domains of functioning.

Why Viking Sports

When you work with Viking you are working with a dedicated team of people who are passionate about helping you meet your goals. 

  • Full time staff
  • Knowledgable professionals 
  • Experts in fun
  • COVID Experience


Work with Viking

Our Partners 

We work with recreation departments, daycare centers, home school families, non profits, summer camps, schools, universities, professional teams, town governments, and more.


Our diverse partner portfolio matches our equally diverse scope of services. We understand that a daycare who wants to add an enrichment program based on gross motor development and growth mindset will have different needs than a recreation department who wants help offering high quality programming.  

Work with Viking

Scope of Services 

When thinking about how to work with Viking remember no job is too small or too big. We will work with you to make sure what you need is something we can do. 


Work with Viking

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We feel that a strong relationship is essential to a successful partnership. And every great relationship starts with the simplest of introductions. 

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