League Support

Local leagues are run by recreation departments, parent/volunteer organizations, and other sports organizations. These leagues are aimed at providing kids with instruction and a season of games in a particular sport. Nevertheless, these leagues are often faced with situations where they require help with coordination (i.e. scheduling, scrimmages) and/or curriculum for coaches to assist with practices. Viking has helped many leagues in the area with all facets of organization, and we can certainly help your league as well!

Parent Volunteers 

Parents who volunteer to coach a group of kids should be prepared to teach them the right sports and age-appropriate techniques. Viking can teach parents basic coaching techniques to help give them structure for their practices. From there, we can provide the parent volunteers with a season’s worth of practice material to help them develop their players. And on game days, Viking can help make sure everything runs smoothly. If a parent volunteer needs to miss a game, Viking can step in and coach the team. In the event a referee is unable to make the game, Viking will step in to ensure the game is played. A parent may feel overwhelmed when running a practice; Viking can provide guidance and show the parent how to run the practice effectively. The above are just some ways Viking contributes to a league that is run by parent volunteers.

Tryouts and Team Creation  

The tryout process is always an involved affair and can sometimes feel like a full-time job. After the arduous process of tryouts, the herculean task of creating teams commences. Whether you need assistance with parts of this process or the whole thing, Viking can help! Our coaches will evaluate the kids in a non-biased way and provide an honest assessment for each player. By using these evaluations, the person in charge of team assignment can create balanced teams. Viking can also create the teams based on our assessments if your league needs it.

Scheduling and Standings 

Once the teams have been created, they need a schedule of games. Viking can work with your sports organization to create schedules for teams based on field permits and field availability. In addition to creating the schedule, we can track team records and, if necessary, maintain league standings.

Framingham United Soccer Club

Viking has partnered with Framingham United Soccer Club (FUSC) to help with their Pre-K and K soccer program, as well as their in-town grades 1-4 program. For the Pre-K and K kids, we provide training, a weekly curriculum, substitute coaches if a parent is unable to attend, and coach support to help coaches who may be having difficulty retaining their group’s attention. With the older kids, we run practices that focus on skill development and game-day tactics. Viking also facilitates trainings year-round for players and parent volunteer coaches.

Bedford Basketball

The Bedford Recreation Department oversees the youth basketball league in their town. Viking leads practices during the week so that kids feel prepared for their games.

Norwell Basketball

Similar to Bedford, Viking helps the Norwell Recreation Department run their town basketball league. In addition to helping the league’s volunteer coaches implement a curriculum for their practices, we oversee game days and provide professional knowledge to parents and coaches.

To have Viking help with your league, just fill out the form below. From there a member of the Viking team will follow up your request. You can also email info@vikingcamps.com.

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