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Follow us on Facebook to see what we’re all about. We use Facebook to to post pictures, videos, program updates, and special events. It’s the one we use the most, so it’s a great way to see what we’re all about.


We use twitter largely for program updates such as weather cancelations, change of location, and early bird discount expiration alerts. If you are currently enrolled in a Viking program we strongly suggest following us. Most of the time our tweets are accompanied by an email, but a twitter alert comes to your attention quicker than an email.

Viking Blog

We are always looking to share new ideas, programs, and other share worthy things which is where our blog comes into play. Coaches create content for the blog that gets shared to the world through a Facebook post, tweet, or email. Posts range from “Fun Rainy Day Ideas” to “Baseball Drills for Home”, but also include information on new initiatives like Inclusion Programing and new programs like Ultimate Frisbee | Check it out now


We do lots of parties and private functions that are run, organized, and decorated by creative Viking parents. Pinterest is used to share these creative ideas as a way to give inspiration to a parent who is in need of some new ideas | View our Pinterest page