School Services


Viking has partnered with schools and daycare centers for over 25 years.

Viking offers enrichment programs for daycare centers that focus on gross motor development for kids ages 2.9 and up. Our enrichment classes can either occur during the school day or after school. The Viking Activity Center can also serve as a field trip destination for daycare centers where children can play with our inflatable bounce houses, colorful balls, and foamnasiam.

Our team works with extended day program directors to provide fun activities for kids, filling in the gaps in existing extended day programs. Viking does regular CORI/SORI checks on our coaches, but they will also undergo any required background checks by school districts. There is no limit to the number of sports or activities we can offer through our extended day programs, including Ninja Warrior, basketball, soccer, floor hockey, and multi-sport activities.

To keep kids active during early dismal days, we can run a half-day’s worth of games to keep them running around and having fun!

Viking can also assist with any coordination required to help kids get to and from their classrooms to the program. At one school, for instance, we meet the kids in their classrooms and take them to the gym. In another school, we help with sign in/sign out at the school’s office. We do a lot of “behind the scenes” work and other nuanced things to make our programs run smoothly and easier for the schools that hire us.

To have Viking help with your daycare enrichment programming or extended day/after school programming fill out the form below or email

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