About Viking Sports

Mission: Building community through impactful experiences.

Viking Sports Values

  • Building, supporting, and sustaining community
  • Leaving a positive impact
  • Healthy physical, social and emotional interactions
  • Acceptance of everyone in the community

“Viking Sports – Specialists of Fun”

Headquartered in Brookline, Massachusetts since 1993, Viking Sports is one of Massachusetts’ largest sports recreation companies offering services for kids to adults throughout the state. We are a sports company who pride ourselves on being specialists of fun. Fun should be the main component of a sports community, and this community should be freely available to everyone. Being part of a positive, active, and friendly community such as Viking Sports offers benefits across all domains of functioning. Socially, children learn to interact with their peers and adult figures other than their parents/guardians. Emotionally, children learn how to deal with wins and losses and conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner. Physically, we allow your children to reach an ideal level of activity in a way that encourages them to learn how important it is to be healthy from an early age. In all of these ways, Viking Sports facilitates the successful progression of its participants of all ages in reaching lifelong developmental milestones. In the Viking Sports community, we want all children and parents to feel important. Our members are kept up to date through social media, email blasts, flyers, website updates, and activities at our Activity Center. What sets Viking Sports apart is our commitment to promoting an active, healthy lifestyle. Development is a lifelong process, so we have programs for adults as well as children. One of the main goals of Viking Sports is for our Specialists of Fun to reach members of the community from all walks of life. As an example, we provide private lessons and group lessons to children and adults with disabilities to provide them with opportunities they would not otherwise have. Additional services to our business model include private lessons and birthday parties with our coaches.

Our office is located at 143 Cypress Street in Brookline where we also operate the Viking Activity Center.