Games are supposed to be fun, but when they incorporate fitness that’s just an added bonus. This is a game I do with my kids when they just need to get their energy out. I call it “The Race Against Time”. You will need some equipment, like cones, toys, balls, a basket or a bucket, and space! The goal of this game is to put the objects in the basket as quickly as possible.

To get things started, make it easy. Take two objects and put them a distance apart. Designate a starting area and say “go!”. The kids just have to put the objects into the bucket. Depending on how well your kids handle competition, you can time them and have them beat their time or you can say “finish it in 10 seconds to advance to the next round”. Completely your call. 

Once they master the easy level, increase the hardness. I like to add an object and put all three in spots where the kids have to change directions or hold different size objects. I may even say something like, “you can only hold one thing at a time. Drop the object in the bucket before getting a new one”. Just something to extend the course and make them think a little. Whatever parent criteria you use to determine if they move to the next level, make sure they accomplish it so they can advance to the Legendary level. 

Here your imagination is your playground. Nothing is off limits. And this is where the game should be played whenever you decide to dust off this classic to use with the kids. I’ll place the objects in challenging spots, and I’ll have them kick the soccer ball into the goal and shoot a basketball into the hoop while timing them. And to really make things fun you should join! Dust off the old jets and blow through the course. Amaze your kids with your blinding speed… just don’t hurt yourself. 

And if more than person wants to go, double the course and turn it into a good old fashion race. Not only is everyone having fun, but they’re getting great exercise. 

This game has so few moving parts that kids can set this up on their own and have fun amongst themselves.

You can do this game inside or out and it only has to end when everyone is tired. And when the fun ends don’t forget to give family high fives because it’s only a game.