Coach Chris recounts our first Ninja Warrior camp.

The year was 2017, and we had some fresh ideas take form.  After much deliberation, prep work and hands-on building, the “Viking Ideas and Creation Board” created a fully functional Ninja Warrior Obstacle course, AND contracted the help of a HUGE BOUNCE HOUSE, so we could launch our very first Viking Ninja Warrior Camp in Sudbury, MA.  During a pre-kickoff coaches’ meeting, a plan of attack was devised for each week.  We outlined a curriculum that would maximize the campers’ enjoyment, achievement, and physical interaction with the Ninja course and Ninja Warrior camp in general.  On that first Monday we introduced that plan to 50+ campers – each day would see its fair share of strength and conditioning, ninja course-work, time trials, bouncing around, fun, laughter and comradery.  Every single one of the campers accepted the challenge and easily pushed through every stage of each day.  Records were set, workouts were crushed, games were run into the ground, bounce houses were…well…bounced!

The incredible work the kids had done all week set us up for a monumental Friday!  Now, at a normal Multi sports camp, “Tournament Day” falls on Fridays.  But for Viking Ninja Warrior Camp, we ran with a different concept, appropriately calling our final day “The Proving Ground!” It was the day where all of the campers’ hard work was to come to fruition!  EVERYBODY SHOWED UP & SHOWED OUT

The kids easily surpassed any expectation the coaches set for them during the week. We tested their strength, speed, agility, awareness, dexterity, and teamwork. Some athletes saw themselves accomplish things they thought were “impossible” earlier in the week.

Kids saw the challenges ahead and conquered all of them.  Ninja games..boom!  Relay Races.. boom!!  Timed Ninja Course runs….Boom!!!   BOUNCE HOUSE….BOOOOOMM!!!

Among the greatest of the camper’s accomplishments, we noticed that sportsmanship and team encouragement across camp was through the roof!!  After the awesome and exhausting circuit, we rounded out the day with our first ever Proving Ground Award Ceremony!  Our trademarked sportsmanship medal was handed out, new records were announced, the week’s MVP was crowned, and the energy and excitement was unreal!!  Needless to say, Viking Ninja Warrior camp has become one of our most enjoyable, camper-favored, and all around fun experiences for all ages!  And I’m ALWAYS looking forward to the next one!

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