Coach Chris

Coach Chris – General Manager


Hailing from Central Massachusetts, Coach Chris is Viking Sports’ General Manager. Chris manages Viking’s day to day operations including staff development and program quality, while also runnings Viking’s Birthday Party segment. With Chris as the General Manager, Viking has seen a double digit growth in birthday revenue, higher employee evaluation scores, and increased demand of Viking’s services. Chris’ leadership, dynamic personality, and strong work ethic are incredible assets he provides on a daily basis to the Viking Team.

Prior to joining Viking, Chris was an elementary school teacher in the Boston Public School system. Chris holds an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education from Emmanuel College.

What’s your sports background?

I grew up in Holden, MA on a street surrounded by like-minded athletes as neighbors, and everyday we would play any and every sport for which we had the gear.  I was always outside, working on my hockey stick-handling, practicing Ronaldinho’s moves, laying out for ground balls Bill Mueller-style, and running football routes in the street, all in hopes that someday I would make it to a PRO stage, for any sport.  My brothers and I are all multi-sport athletes, so there was rarely a dull moment any day on our the block.

I was a varsity mid-distance runner and Captain of both my high school and College Track & Field teams, and member of school record breaking relay teams.  I have been on countless soccer and baseball teams, and love to run pickup games in anything.  I work tirelessly in everything I do, I love learning new skills across all sports, and I work to increase my athleticism everyday.

Where did you go & what did you study in school?

I went to Emmanuel College, just down the street from Fenway Park.  I studied to be a teacher, graduating with my B.A. in Elementary Education in 2014.  After spending some time in the Boston Public School District, I jumped in for a summer gig with Viking Sports.  The rest is history.

What Do you love most about Viking?

I love seeing the progress that kids make throughout a season of coaching.  I have witnessed plenty of beginner athletes who start with no concept of the sport they are playing and then grow into seemingly seasoned vets at the end of the season.

I am fortunate that I can take everything I learned about educating kids for the classroom, and mix it with my love & knowledge for sports and applied it to my coaching on the field.  I’ve had a great time coaching in different towns, working birthday parties, running camps with the other coaches, and most of all helping boost children’s overall confidence in sports.  I strive to encourage kids everyday to achieve the same passion and excitement for sports that I had growing up.  I love being a part of this team and I love my outdoor classroom.

Hometown – Holden, MA

What are your favorite…

Foods:  Anything Pizzeria Regina; steak; sushi

TV Shows:  Fresh Prince of Bel Air & Spongebob Squarepants

Sports:  Basketball, Hockey, & Track

Team(s): Boston everything.

Athletes:  Paul Pierce, Patrice Bergeron, Nomar, V-tek, and Troy Brown.

Sports covered at Viking: Ninja Warrior, Soccer, Hockey, B-Ball, Baseball, Multi-sports, Watch Me Play!, Flag Football, Lacrosse

Sports Fun Facts/Accolades: 

  • Ran 100 days in a row from Feb 15 to May 25, 2012.
  • Track PRs:  400m – :51.5, 800m – 1:58.12, Mile – 4:31.05, 8k – 26:56
  • Captain of EC Track & Field teams 2012-14

Fun Fun Facts:

  • Getting married in Summer 2021
  • Can perform around 200 voices other than my own
  • And1 Mixtape Enthusiast
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