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Youth Flag Football Clinics

Viking’s youth soccer clinics are a great introduction to the worlds most popular game. Coaches follow carefully crafted age based curriculums that ensures each child gets the right dose of age appropriate skill development and fun. During a typical season we introduce players to the basic skills of dribbling, passing, and shooting during the first half of the class, followed by a fun scrimmage during the second half; age adjusted rules are used as necessary. We want kids excited to come back week after weeks, so we strongly emphasis fun and learning.

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Advanced Soccer Clinics

Viking’s Advanced Soccer clinics are geared towards players who understand the basics who can grasp more advanced drills and concepts. These classes are more competitive than a traditional class as the coaches expect a little more from the players. Our goal for all Advanced Soccer classes is to improve a players knowledge and skill set.

  • First touch
  • Proper striking techniques
  • Advanced dribbling drills
  • Defensive awareness

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Viking’s KinderKickers is a fun and instructional soccer league for kindergarten aged children. This league is broken into two parts, with games occurring on Saturdays and an optional practice on Wednesdays. Before the start of each game, coaches will lead kids in a few drills, followed by a game. If your child is looking for more instruction versus playing, then our instructional clinics would be a better fit.  Each team is coached by a member of Viking’s staff. All games are small sided with no goalie. This league serves as an excellent bridge to Brookline Youth Soccer which starts in first grade.

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* Children come in, warm up and shoot around at the beginning of the session.

  • ’00 – ’05: Sign in
  • ’05 – ’10: Stretch/Warm up Run
  • 10 – ’15: Basics Recap (foot skills)
  • ’15 – ’35: Drills & Skill Games
  • ’35 – ’50: Friendly Scrimmage (if age appropriate)

Each class will try to focus on different aspects of gameplay, building soccer players toward a better understanding of the game. Repetition, overlapped with drills is expected to give all players a foundation upon which to build. Lessons may deviate from the outline above, all activities are performed at the coaches’ discretion.

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Winthrop Park (aka The Minot Rose Garden)

This park is located by the corner of St. Paul St. and Freeman St. It is three blocks down from the large Holiday Inn on the corner of St. Paul St. and Beacon St. towards Commonwealth Ave. The field we use is the large fenced field next to the playground and rose garden. It is an excellent location that is centrally located in Brookline.

Waldstein Park (aka Dean Rd Park, Waldstein Playground)

This beautiful and newly renovated park is located near the corner of Dean Rd. & Beacon St. The park is located on Dean Rd. opposite the Beaconsfield T-stop (MBTA Green Line, D-Line). It is also about a five minute walk from Cleveland Circle if you are heading inbound on Beacon St. This park amenities include a baseball diamond, soccer goals, running track, basketball court, and water park. All amenities are brand new and parking is very convenient as there are multiple options for parking on Dean Rd., Clinton Path, and Strathmore Rd.

The Soule Recreation Center & The Soule Gym

Located at 652 Hammond St. in Chestnut Hill. This is a beautiful location that is situated in a very peaceful, wooded part of Chestnut Hill. For outdoor soccer, we use the field next to the gymnasium by the tennis courts. For indoor soccer, we use the Soule Gym, the entrance faces away from Hammond St (towards the upper level soccer field). The Soule Recreation Center is located just off of route 9 near the brand new Star Market. There is extra parking for this location at 436 Heath St.

The Viking Activity Center

Viking’s brand new home for all things sports at 143 Cypress St. It is just off Rt.9 and two doors down from the ACE Tickets. For leagues, this is the perfect location for exciting, high energy, small-sided soccer. For clinics, it is an excellent spot for learning new skills and techniques. The location features a great viewing area for the parents and is conveniently located next to the Rifrullo Cafe if you need a quick cup of coffee or a snack!


Muzzey Field
1455 Massachusetts Ave

Located near Lexington Center, Muzzey field is a great little soccer pitch that accommodates both large and small PreK classes. It is located on the left hand side of Mass Ave about a block southbound from the fork in the road of Mass Ave and Woburn St.


Turf Soccer Field @ Marblehead High School
2 Humphrey St.

The high school is located in between Atlantic Avenue (Rt. 129) and Pleasant St. The soccer facility is very high quality turf field used by the varsity soccer team during the school year. Drop-off and pick-up is easy and convenient and there is plenty of parking.


Field @ Atkinson Pool
44 Fairbank Rd.

Located across the street from the Haskell Fields, this great little field is located next to the Atkinson Pool behind the basketball courts. Easy access, shaded by lots of trees, bleachers for the parents, and plenty of parking, it is the perfect location for Toddler and PreK Soccer.


Field @ Wayland Town Hall
41 Cochituate Road

Located in the large grass field behind the backstop of the little league diamond, this field is easy to access, shaded by lots of trees, has bleachers for the parents, and plenty of parking. It is the perfect location for Toddler and PreK Soccer. It is right by the intersection of Rt. 27 (Cochituate Rd.) and Rt. 20 (Boston Post Rd.)