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Partnering with the Lexington Recreation Department, Viking offers youth soccer clinics, basketball clinics, multi-sports, SNAG Golf, and Viking Ninja Warrior clinics as well as summer sports camps including multi-sports camp, basketball camp, soccer camp, and Viking Ninja Warrior camps. Viking also offers School Vacation multi-sports camps. All camps are licensed by the Department of Public health.

Summer Camp

This summer is BIG! It is our 31 year anniversary and we could not be any more excited for the 31st iteration of our popular summer camps. Since the last whistle was blown to conclude our 2023 summer camp, we have been working tirelessly to make 2024 an unforgettable summer camp experience for your child.

Browse Lexington Camps

Browse Lexington Camps


Our clinics are instructional classes meet once a week and last for a 5-6 weeks. Our staff follow an age appropriate curriculum that keep kids engaged and entertained, while learning a new sport.

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The following programs are available to all Lexington residents:


  • Multi-Sports Camp
  • Viking Ninja Warrior Camp
  • Basketball Camp
  • Baseball Camp
  • Flag Football Camp
  • School Vacation Multi-Sports Camp (February Break and April Break)

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  • Soccer Clinics
  • Baseball & T-Ball Clinics
  • Flag Football Clinics
  • Basketball Clinics
  • Floor Hockey Clinics
  • SNAG Golf Clinics
  • Multi-Sports Clinics
  • Advanced Level Clinics For All Sports
  • Viking Ninja Warrior Clinics

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Browse All Lexington Area Programs


Center Recreation Complex (80 Worthen Rd, Lexington) – Many of our sports camps and clinics are held at the Center Recreation Complex in Lexington. The Lexington CRC is a true gem for outdoor sports enthusiasts, particularly for those seeking an exceptional location for sports camps. Boasting a range of first-rate facilities, this complex offers an incredible experience for players and fans alike.

With multiple baseball and soccer fields, athletes can enjoy playing on top-notch playing surfaces that are meticulously maintained to ensure optimal performance. The fields are expansive and offer ample space for both team and individual training. Moreover, the surrounding natural beauty of the complex makes it an ideal place for those who seek a tranquil setting for their activities.

In addition to the baseball and soccer fields, the Center Recreation Complex offers basketball courts that are sure to be a hit with players of all ages. The courts are of a superior quality, with clean surfaces and solid hoops that are perfect for practicing dribbling, passing, and shooting. Whether playing a friendly pickup game or engaging in some serious training, the basketball courts at this complex are sure to provide an enjoyable experience.

For those who enjoy running, the track at the Center Recreation Complex is another highlight. The track is well-maintained and has a comfortable surface that is ideal for running. Whether you are a seasoned runner or just getting started, the track offers the perfect environment to help you meet your fitness goals.

Last but not least, the turf field at the Center Recreation Complex is yet another great asset for sports camps. The field is spacious and has a premium surface that can accommodate a range of activities, such as soccer, lacrosse, and football. The field’s design and condition make it perfect for training and games alike.

Overall, the Center Recreation Complex in Lexington, MA is a sports enthusiast’s paradise that offers an unrivaled experience for outdoor sports camps. With its multiple baseball and soccer fields, basketball courts, track, and turf field, it is an exceptional location that is sure to impress.

Estabrook School Gym (117 Grove St, Lexington) – Many of our indoor sports camps and clinics are held at the the Estabrook Elementary School Gym in Lexington. It is a spacious and well-equipped facility that serves as a hub for athletic and community events. The gym is an ideal venue for basketball games, school assemblies, and other gatherings. The facility is easily accessible and has plenty of parking, making it convenient for visitors and attendees. Overall, the Estrabook Elementary School Gym is a top-notch facility that plays an important role in the community.

Fiske School Gym (55 Adams St, Lexington) – We also run many sports camps and clinics at the Fiske Elementary School Gym in Lexington. The gym is a popular destination for students and community members alike. The gym features a full-sized court with hardwood flooring and plenty of natural light, making it an ideal space for basketball games, practices, and other sports activities. The gym is also equipped with a variety of equipment, including scoreboards and sound systems, ensuring that every game is exciting and enjoyable for all involved. With its central location and modern amenities, the Fiske Elementary School Gym is a fantastic venue for sports enthusiasts in the Lexington area.

Browse All Lexington Area Programs

Our Lexington programs service the following communities:

  • Arlington
  • Bedford
  • Burling
  • Concord
  • Hanscom AFB
  • Lincoln
  • Waltham
  • Woburn

Lexington Schools

In Lexington and the surrounding communities, children from the following public schools, private schools, and pre-schools participate in Viking Sports Programs, Sports Clinics, Sports Camps, and Leagues:

  • After School Club
  • Afterschool Activity Club Dc
  • Ages & Stages Pre-School
  • Amazing Grace Kids Preschool
  • Armenian Sisters Academy
  • Artisan Child Care Center
  • Bartlett School
  • Beaverbrook Early Intervention
  • Bedford Children’s Center
  • Bedford Montessori School
  • Billy Dalbin Pre-School
  • Birches School
  • Bowman Elementary
  • Boys & Girls Club Day Care – Hurld
  • Boys & Girls Club Day Care – Linscott
  • Boys And Girls Of Woburn
  • Bridge Elementary
  • Bright Horizons Child Care Center (Lexington)
  • Bright Horizons Children’s Center (Waltham)
  • Bright Horizons Crosby Drive
  • Burlington Day Care
  • Burlington Montessori School
  • Cambridge St. KinderCare
  • Carousel School
  • Chid Development Center of Lexington
  • Children’s Center Of Lexington
  • Children’s Workshop Waltham
  • Childrens Center
  • Clyde Reeves Elementary
  • Community Day Center
  • Community Nursery School
  • Cotting School
  • Country Club Learning Center (Woburn)
  • Daniel L Joyce Middle School
  • Daniel P Hurid Elementary
  • Discovery Pre-School (Burlington Recreation)
  • Douglas Macarthur Elementary School
  • Drumlin Farm Community Pre-School
  • Extended Day Care-Bridge Kindergarten
  • Extended Day Program-Harrington
  • First Circle Learning Center
  • First Steps Early Learning Center
  • Fiske Elementary
  • Fiske Extended Day Prorgram
  • Fox Hill Elementary School
  • Francis Wyman Elementary School
  • French for Kids
  • Goddard School-Bedford
  • Goodyear Elementary
  • Hammond Square Children’s Dc
  • Hancock Nursery School
  • Harrington Elementary
  • Henry Whittemore Elementary School
  • James Fitzgerald Elementary School
  • Jewish Preshool Of Lexington
  • John F Kennedy Middle School
  • John Glenn Middle School
  • John W. McDevitt Middle School
  • Jonas Clarke Middle School
  • Josiah W Hayden After School Pgrm
  • Jospeh Easterbrook Elementary
  • Kim’s Family Child Care
  • Kindercare Learning Center (Burlington)
  • Kindercare Learning Center (Woburn)
  • Knowledge Beginnings
  • Learning Zone Day Care Center
  • Lemberg Children’s Center
  • Lexington Children’s Place
  • Lexington Knowledge Beginnings
  • Lexington Montessori School
  • Lexington Play Care Center
  • Lincoln Country Day School
  • Lincoln Lab Children’s Center
  • Lincoln Nursery School
  • Lincoln School (Lincoln, MA)
  • Linscott-Rumford Elementary
  • Little Folks Day School
  • Little Hands Big Hearts Christian Preschool
  • Little Hands Big Hearts Christian Ps
  • Little Professional Preschool – Woburn
  • Little Souls Center
  • Little Sprouts – Woburn
  • Lt Elezer Davis Elementary School
  • Lt Job Lane School
  • Magic Garden Inc (Lincoln)
  • Malcolm White Elementary
  • Mall Rd Knowledge Beginnings
  • Maria Hastings Elementary
  • Marshall Simonds Middle School
  • Mary D Altavest Elementary
  • Memorial Elementary School
  • Methodist Weekday Pre-School
  • Mount Hope Christian School
  • My Montessori School-Woburn
  • N Suburban Ymca
  • No Suburban Ymca Children’s Center
  • Northeast Elementary School
  • One Two Three Day School
  • Open Arms Christian Pre-School
  • Open Bible Academy
  • Our Lady’s Academy
  • Pilgrim Nursery School
  • Pine Glen Elementary School
  • Presbyterian Nursery School
  • Primrose School of Burlington
  • Prospect Terrace Childrens Center
  • Puddle Duck Day Care
  • Ray Avenue KinderCare
  • Recreation Kids Club
  • Shamrock Elementary
  • St Paul’s Weekday Nursery School
  • St. Charles School
  • St. Jude School
  • Temple Nursery School
  • Tender Learning Centre
  • The Children’s Workshop
  • The Goddard School
  • The LEAP School
  • Thomas R Plympton Elementary Schol
  • Trinty Covenant Pre-School
  • Tufts Family Day Care
  • Turtle Fun’s Child Care
  • Waldorf School of Lexington
  • Waltham Child Care Center
  • Waltham Creative Start
  • Waltham Day Care Center
  • Waltham YMCA Child Care Center
  • Waverly Oaks Child Development Center
  • William F. Stanley Elementary School
  • Wm Diamond Middle School
  • Woburn Creative Start Head Start
  • Woburn KinderCare
  • Woburn Montessori School
  • World Of Learning Day Care Center
  • World Of Wonder
  • Wyman Elementary
  • Ymca N Suburban Family (Burlington)

Viking Sports private lessons are a great opportunity for your child to focus attention in a sport of their choosing.  Our coaches have extensive knowledge in many of the traditional sports, and through our private lessons, your child will build confidence, understand important aspects of gameplay, and learn the skills necessary to be the best of the best on the field, court, or pitch.

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