Summer – Week #07 Track & Field Camp – Medway

Go for track glory at Viking’s Medway Track and Field Camp! Campers are introduced to all aspects of the sport from sprinting and hurdles all the way to the long jump. During the week, games and drills promote agility, cardiovascular strength, and endurance. Viking uses its own Viking Ninja Warrior course equipment to really make camp exciting. We use age appropriate games and equipment to make sure kids have fun. The week concludes with the Viking Olympics! All Viking campers receive a Viking T-shirt and a  trophy.


IMPORTANT: Registration is done through the Medway Park & Recreation Department.  To register:

1. Click on “Register Now” (this will redirect to the Medway Rec website)
2. Click on the camp you want to register for (you will need to create an account with the Medway Rec)
3. Follow the registration instructions

If you have any questions about registration, please contact the Medway Park & Recreation Department:

email:  phone #: 508-321-4740

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