Coach Sara

Coach Sara – Director


Coming from Southern Massachusetts, Coach Sara is one of Viking Sports’ many Directors. Sara directs Viking’s summer camps and leads amazing clinics, while managing Weymouth clinics. With Sara as a stupendous director, Viking has seen a great number of comments and reviews saying how awesome Coach Sara is.


What’s your sports background?

I grew up in Fall River, MA in a city filled by like-minded athletes as classmates, and everyday we would play soccer with any type of ball we could find.  I was always outside, working on ball work, practicing those moves so I can show them off on Sunday games, and always perfecting that victory dance.  My friends and I are all one-sport athletes, soccer was always our sport it was the Portuguese in blood that chose it for us.

Sara was soccer player, that meant she played all four seasons of the year. She  played for the town of Fall River from the age of 5 up until 17. She also played for her High school team were she was a varsity. Going onto college she didn’t continue, but the passion for the game still lives on within.

Where did you go & what did you study in school?

I went to Salem State University where she studied Sports Movement Science with a concentration in Exercise Science. She graduated May 2021, where she found an amazing job doing what she loves here at Viking Sports’.

What Do you love most about Viking?

I love seeing the progress that kids make from the first day to the last. Makes me not just happy for the kids but also makes me feel good to say that I helped them achieve and get to that level.  I’ve had a great time coaching in different towns, , running clinics, and most of all helping boost children’s overall confidence in sports.  I hope to encourage kids everyday to their goals and to celebrate the acheivments.


Hometown – Fall River, MA

What are your favorite…

Foods:  Ice Cream, Hibachi, Chicken Parm

TV Shows:  Grey’s Anatomy

Sports:  Soccer

Team(s): Boston everything, Sporting CP

Athletes:  Alex Morgan, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Megan Rapinoe,

Sports covered at Viking: Ninja Warrior, Soccer,  Baseball, Multi-sports, Watch Me Play!