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Viking offers a variety of youth sports leagues for kids in Kindergarten through 5th grade. Sports league offerings include: the KinderKickers Soccer League, an Indoor Soccer League, a Dodgeball League, a Floor Hockey League, and a Basketball League. All of our leagues are played in a fun environment. Teams are created based on friend requests or the participant’s school. Viking staff will coach the team and officiate the league. Each participant receives a Viking Sports T-shirt/Jersey.


Kinderkickers Soccer League


Waldstein Park – Dean Road
25 Clinton Path OR 15 Dean Rd


50 mins

Equipment Requirements

  • Water Bottle – Required
  • Soccer Ball – Required
  • Shin Guards – Highly recommended
  • Cleats – Recommended

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6-8 kids per team

(teams based on school and friend requests)

Viking’s KinderKickers is a fun and instructional soccer league for your child. The first 20 minutes of the class is treated like a soccer practice. During practice, kids learn new skills and the rules of soccer. Once practice is over, kids play a game against one of the other 5 teams. Each team is coached by a member of Viking’s staff. – 4 vs 4 (no goalies)

  • Game: Two 15 minute halves
  • Refs and Coaches: Viking’s staff
  • Colored t-shirts for each team
What is the Difference Between the KinderKickers League and a Viking Soccer Clinic?

In the KinderKickers League, your child is placed on a team with 7 other children and they play with that group of kids for the whole season. A schedule is created and their team will play against a different team every week. They will practice with their team for the first 15-20 minutes of every class and then the game is 30-35 minutes.



Our Soccer Clinics have more instruction and less game time than our League. In our clinics, we will do 15-20 minutes of basic skill development drills. We then follow that with 8-12 minutes of games that incorporate the drills learned that day. Each clinic concludes with a 10-15 minute scrimmage. These scrimmages are also 4-on-4, and if the class is larger than 8 children, we will run 2 games concurrently. Teams are chosen at random for the scrimmages.

Both the League and our Clinics are excellent bridges to Brookline Youth Soccer in the Fall and the Viking Indoor Soccer League in the Winter. These are the Soccer programs most children entering 1st Grade in the Fall will participate in. If you have any questions, feel free to email us anytime:

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