3v3 Basketball Tournament

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3v3 Basketball Tournament

We at Viking Sports are excited to be hosting our first ever 3-on-3 charity basketball tournament on June 22, 2019 at the Brookline Rec. Department outdoor courts. All proceeds from this event will benefit the local charity, Steps To Success, a wonderful organization that empowers and prepares students for their future. Available for basketball players in 5th grade through 12th grade. There will be three divisions categorized as Junior Division for 5th/6th grade (10-12 years old), Amateur Division for 7th/8th grade (12-14 years old) and Veteran Division for high school grades 9th-12th grade (14-18 years old).

Only 8 team spots available for each boys divisions. Only 4 team spots available for each girls divisions.

Throughout the day there will be multiple games of different age levels playing on multiple courts. As teams begin to face elimination, there will be a 3-Point Contest and Skills Competition setup, available for all registrants who participated in the 3v3 tournament!

Concessions will be sold all day at the event with nutritional snacks like Gatorade, fruits, granola bars and water. There will also be a silent auction with prizes and gifts donated by local vendors and businesses. Click on the Sponsors tab and check out some of the great organizations involved to make this a great event possible!

Register a full team (3-5 players) or register your child as an individual and Viking will place him/her on a team.

Team Info

  • Roster size CANNOT exceed more than 5 players that fall within age range division (3 playing, 2 subs)
    • Teams can be a mix of ages within appropriate division (ex: Junior Division team – two 10 y/o, one 11 y/o, two 12 y/o)
  • Registration online – choose quantity, enter team name & enter each players full name, choose 2 possible jersey colors (received on event day)
  • Teams & Players should arrive at least 15 minutes before first game to check-in at front gym location
  • Good sportsmanship from players, parents, spectators is high priority. Compete but don’t forget to HAVE FUN!
  • Any fighting or suspicious/inappropriate behavior will result in disqualification of team and players from event

Individual Registration

  • Players who are interested in participating in the 3v3 tournament but do not have a team can register individually. They will be randomly selected and given teammates of similar age that fall within the team guidelines. You will be notified of your tournament team prior to event date via email.

Game Rules

  • Double elimination style (guaranteed 2 games and entry to other activities)
  • 12-minute running clock by 2’s and 3’s (NOT MAKE IT-TAKE IT)
  • Each team is granted 1 timeout per game
  • Substitutions on dead balls only (check-ups, out of bounds, freethrows, foul calls, violations)
  • Three minutes before game to warm up
  • Each player has 5 personal fouls
  • Freethrows will be awarded on called shooting fouls and when team exceeds the “5 Team Foul” bonus (no double bonus, but 2nd freethrow awarded if 1st was made)
  • Official size game balls will be used – 29.5 for boys divisions, 28.5 for girls divisions
  • Games are played on 10-foot rims
    • On defensive rebounds, steals and any change of possession, BOTH BALL & BODY must be cleared behind the three point arc (cannot just step on three point line)
  • One referee and one scorekeeper per court, four games playing at once

3-Point Contest Rules

  • One Entry
  • Five shooting racks, 4 balls each, along the perimeter (corners, wings, top)
  • Each ball is worth 1-point
  • “Money Ball” is worth 3-points
  • Maximum total score is a perfect 30
  • Top 3 places for each division (In case of a tie-breaker, players may be asked to shoot more than once to determine a winner)

Skills Competition

Participants of the 3v3 tournament, whether still playing or eliminated, will enjoy this ‘All-Star’ style Skills Competition. Display your ball-handling skills as you speed dribble through obstacles. Show off your precision passing through the tire. Light it up at the end with your shooting ability with a layup, freethrow and 3-pointer. Did I mention this was all under the pressure of the clock!? Top 3 performances of each division win prize!


3Point & Skills Course Map


**Tickets sold separately for family/friends/spectators not actively participating in the tournament**









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