Viking Sports was founded in 1993 to provide sports clinics for kids in Brookline. Mike Carpenter, who started Viking, quickly added summer camp offerings to the company’s scope of services and stayed that course until myself and Zach purchased Viking in 2011. We were both coaches involved with the day-to-day execution of coaching all of Viking’s programs and talking with parents. Through those interactions we saw lots of opportunities to better serve the community. Our mission statement at the time was to provide a healthy lifestyle through physical activity to an inclusive community. I give credit to that mission statement to Chelsey. With our shiny new mission statement giving us direction we set out to build the Viking Activity Center. Our hope was that it would be our home base to provide this lifestyle to our community. Additionally, we started partnering with schools, doing birthday parties, and invented the Ninja Warrior concept.

As these new services took root our scope of services expanded to the point where we outgrew our company mission. So myself and the Viking leadership team huddled together to define a new mission. A lot of the business we took on really focused on the incredibly talented Viking team and doing fun things for lots of people. We landed on a new mission statement of building community through impactful experiences.

Once we had that guiding star of a mission statement we unrolled our Ultimate Series of event service offerings that included Ultimate Field Day, Ultimate Recess, and Ultimate Challenge Fundraisers. Each event type offered a different combination of fun, community building, and community impact.

Our Ultimate Field Day is exactly what you think it is. We take the normal school field day that you probably remember as a kid and supercharge it. Ultimate Recess is recess with a twist as it involves the Viking team creating some incredibly fun and engaging activities for kids at school. And our Ultimate Challenge Fundraisers probably give the maximum amount of fun, community building, and school impact. Parent Teacher organizations have collectively raised hundreds of thousands of dollars since we’ve been doing them. We have been able to positively impact tens of thousands of kids, parents, caregivers, teachers, and administrators through these extremely fun fundraising events.

I can’t wait to share all the other fun stuff we’ve been cooking up in the Viking lab.