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If you have an event, Viking can help! Viking has run many types of events including:

  • Birthday parties 
  • Bar & Bat Mitzvah entertainment
  • Town wide Ninja Warrior course
  • Races (1K, 5K, fun runs, and Turkey Trots)
  • School fairs
  • Sports fundraisers (i.e. 3 on 3 basketball tournament)
  • Town summer concert series
  • Pop up Ninja Warrior courses
  • PTO fundraisers
  • Team building
  • Guest gym teachers
  • Easter egg hunts
  • Bounce house events
  • Many other custom events

Pricing varies based on the level of involvement required by Viking to help run your event. This includes prep time, set up, length of the event, number of staff required to run the event, and the amount of equipment required to run the event (i.e. sports equipment, bounce houses, PA system, etc.)

The Viking Experience 

Depending on the event, Viking can be as involved as you want.

1K Races, 5K Races, and Fun Runs

For these runs, Viking can handle every aspect of the event or we can handle just a few parts to help free up resources that can be better used in other parts of the event’s execution. While many people can handle the backend administration, Viking’s strength is the front facing experience that runners and spectators get.

Below is a list of services Viking can bring to your event:

  • Online registration
  • Chip timing
  • Custom racing bibs
  • Bib pick up
  • On day registrations
  • Connections to local sponsors
  • PA System to:
    • Announce winners
    • Hype up and prepare runners before the run
    • Provide an overall Master of Ceremonies experience

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School Events 

These include Fall Fairs, Spring Fairs, and other school similar school events. For these events, Viking works with the school to determine how we can make the most fun impact for the kids. Typically, Viking will set up a Ninja Warrior course that kids tackle over and over again. Another popular option is to have the Viking coaching staff play a variety of games to engage the kids. Whatever experience is decided upon, it is guaranteed to be a blast for all of the event’s attendees.

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Town Wide Events

Let Viking set up a Viking Ninja Warrior course to inject energy into your town wide event! Our pop up Ninja Warrior courses always generate lots of attention and often times are the hit of the event. When we are able to add one of our enormous obstacle bounce houses to the courses, it makes an already fun course even more exciting. The bounce house(s) are also an excellent visual spectacle guaranteed to grab kids’ attention from all over! Our goal is to give everyone a positive and active experience.

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Easter Egg Hunts, Basketball Tournaments, and Other Custom Events

Viking has done years of Easter egg hunts, 3-on-3 basketball tournaments, and other custom events. For Easter egg hunts, Viking works with the town, organization, or family to first and foremost, hide the eggs. From there the Viking team makes the finding process fun with vibrant commentary. Once all the eggs have been found we play a a variety of games with the kids to get them running around and having even more fun. For basketball tournaments, Viking can help with registration, create the teams, create the schedule, officiate the event, and we even can do play-by-play and color commentary with our PA system!

Over the years, Viking has done numerous custom events. We have done Nerf parties, end of season parties for sports teams, private cooking classes with Rifrullo Cafe followed by yoga in the Viking Activity Center, and many more. Each event is unique to the group or person who wants to bring their outside-of-the-box idea to life. We love working with party planners or Pintresters to make anything happen.


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