Viking Sports Ultimate Challenge, on the surface are a large scale fundraiser, but when you really get the chance to experience one, you will quickly see its much more than that. You’ll see it’s an exciting event with an almost carnival atmosphere that brings out the best of the school community. Before the actual day of a schools Ultimate Challenge, myself and team of magnanimous coaches are at the school meeting the kids, issuing fun challenges around fitness and fun, and doling out prizes to the students based on them being incredible. While that’s happening the grownups are giving money to the school. As certain goals are hit, students get to unlock some really cool experience based prizes. Using our fundraising software and our website, families, students, loved ones… everyone can see how the fundraiser is progressing and how close their loved one is to unlocking a prize. 

When the big day rolls around, there is a fever pitch of excitement. The students are ready. The teachers are ready. The Viking team is ready. I’m ready to deliver an experience unlike anything the school has ever seen complete with smiles, sweat, and fun… lots of fun.