Viking Sports and Brookline Teen Center Announce Partnership to Enhance Youth Experiences 

Collaboration to Bring Innovative Opportunities to the Brookline Teen Center 

Brookline, MA – May 23, 2024 – Viking Sports, a leading provider of youth sports and events, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with the Brookline Teen Center, a vibrant community hub dedicated to supporting the development of local teenagers. This partnership aims to create new and engaging opportunities for both Brookline teens and the Brookline Teen Center facility in areas of job coaching, sports programming, and events. Moreover, it is an opportunity for the Teen Center to engage with youth of all ages.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

  • Expanded Sports Programs: Viking Sports and the Brookline Teen Center will collaborate to offer a diverse range of sports programs, including Viking Ninja Warrior, sports camps, and hybrid camps 
  • Teen Job Coaching: The increased number of programs being run at the Brookline Teen Center will provide opportunities for Viking Sports to teach teens job skills around working with kids, taking responsibility, and developing leadership skills.  
  • Birthday Parties: The Brookline Teen Center is now an option to host a Viking Sports birthday party.  Besides being a new location for Viking parties, the new facility also allows for a variety of party themes and options. The extensive space allows for parties of all sizes as well as the ability to set up multiple large inflatables inside.

Quote from Viking Sports Executive:

“We are thrilled to partner with the Brookline Teen Center to help bring more opportunities to Brookline’s youth,” said LeRoy Watkins, CEO and Co-Owner of Viking Sports. “This partnership allows us to use the other’s strengths to build a stronger community presence, while creating new opportunities for local youth.”

Quote from Brookline Teen Center Executive:

“This partnership will expand job opportunities for teens and provide hands-on job training while they build their youth development skill,” said Kasey Boston, Executive Director of the Brookline Teen Center. “This is a win for Brookline teens, families, and the community as a whole by giving more teens their first -ever job, a formative experience that builds confidence, critical thinking skills, and fosters a stronger sense of community.”

About Viking Sports:

Viking Sports is dedicated to building community through impactful experiences. With a focus on fun, inclusivity, and skill development, Viking Sports offers a wide range of activities that encourage teamwork, confidence, and lifelong fitness.

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About Brookline Teen Center:

The Brookline Teen Center is a nonprofit organization that provides a safe and supportive environment for local teenagers. Offering a variety of programs, activities, and resources, the Teen Center is committed to fostering personal growth, community engagement, and lifelong learning for Brookline’s youth.

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Media Contacts:

LeRoy Watkins
CEO & Co-Owner, Viking Sports

Kasey Boston
Executive Director, Brookline Teen Center