A Word from Viking’s Coaching Staff

Our coaches here at Viking come from a variety of different sports backgrounds, and each play an individual part in the successes of the strong multi sports camps that we offer. Even in our specialized clinics, Viking coaches share many of the same passions and motivations to give back to others. Our coaches strive to create enjoyable experiences at our camps and clinics for each and every child so that they might also have the same opportunities to grow and develop in a sports environment in which they might someday find their own passion invested into.

The qualities in our coaches, including hard work, compassion, kindness, respect, and responsibility, all combine into a supernova of passionate coaching. Our coaches stay with us because they have demonstrated an ability to be exceptional role models for our kids. Teamwork is essential to the way that our programs are run. We use a lot of personality matching strategies with our coaches to ensure that children of all temperaments and individual backgrounds can thrive at Viking camps. Through modeling combined with direct coaching, our programs seek to teach children how to cooperate, respect one another and achieve common goals on the field and in other spheres of their lives.

Our coaches are part of the Viking mission because, “We feel driven to serve by giving ourselves to others in recreation, relationships and character building in a fun and safe environment,” says Coach Chelsey. Coach Chris loves working for Viking because, “Sports can unite people from all different backgrounds, and I like helping kids realize that.” “I was born into a world of sport and competition; I thrive in it. I was raised by coaches, forged in the fires of completion; I live in it,” affirms Coach AJ. Coach Jake was a camper at Viking Sports for many years before moving into a coaching role. Coach Jake adds that he, “Always looked up to his coaches and wanted to give the campers the same kind of experience that he had as a child.”

Raw passion is a beautiful thing and easily becomes the natural fuel to inspire growth in others. If our coaches weren’t passionate about what they do and didn’t love coming to work every morning, we can guarantee that we wouldn’t be here. We spend our weekend mornings, our summers and our vacation time doing what we do because we believe in Viking’s ability to provide valuable experiences to other children. Feel free to take the time to ask any of our coaches why they do what they do and what it is about their roles at Viking that makes them so excited to do what we do.