Coach Sophia


Coach Sophia – Head Coach

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Sophia is born and raised in Brookline, MA.  She began as a coach for the Viking Sports KinderKickers soccer league, and after three years with the company now, has gotten involved with a multitude of activities and programs, from birthday parties to adult clinics and summer camp.  She recently graduated from Brookline High School, where she played two years of soccer and ran six seasons of track & field.  Sophia started her freshman year of college at Lehigh University this fall, majoring in Biology and following the pre-medical track.

 Hometown – Brookline, MA
 Favorite TV Show – The Office
 Favorite Food – Fried Chicken
 Favorite Sport – Soccer
 Favorite Teams – The Celtics, the Red Sox and the Patriots
 Favorite Quote – “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky