Youth Clinics, Leagues, and Programs

  1. A signed waiver is required for every participant at the start of every new clinic, program, or league
  2. A parent or guardian must be present at all times for the duration of the clinic, program, or league
  3. A water bottle must be brought to all programs
  4. Some programs require the participant to bring their own equipment (i.e. baseball glove, soccer ball, etc.) please see program details for specific requirements
  5. Viking does not prorate for clinics, leagues, or programs that have already begun

Youth Summer and School Vacation Camps and Academies

  1. A signed waiver is required for every child at the start of every new camp
  2. A Current (within the past 12 months) physical exam record
  3. Additional medical forms if the child will be bringing an inhaler, epi-pen, or other medications to camp (see below)
  4. Parent/Guardian is required to provide their child a snack & lunch for every day as well as a water bottle
  5. A child will not be allowed to participate in any Viking Camps or Sports Academies unless all required paperwork has been received and all payments are received in full


Adult Programs & Leagues

  1. A signed waiver is required for every participant
  2. A manager’s form is required for every team
  3. Gyms must be vacated at the required time (usually 11pm)
  4. Any forfeit without at least 24-hours notification prior to the schedule game start time will result in a $50 fine to be paid directly to the referees. Multiple instances can result in expulsion from the league without refund.