Viking Sports has offered fun multi-sport gym classes to preschools in Greater Boston for over 20 years. We work with each school to ensure the age appropriate games that are played develop each child’s gross motor development and coordination in a fun environment. Our experienced staff work with kids as young as 2.9 all the way up to older 4 & 5 year old class rooms.

Our rates are affordable, our staff is wonderful, and we are flexible to accommodate any preschools needs. As a bonus we are able to extend other perks to the school including renting or taking field trips to the Viking Activity Center.


For the past few years we have partnered with preschools from around the Greater Boston Area to provide discounted open play, Viking Sports field trips, and Multi-Sports classroom gym sessions.  For our Preschool Multi-Sports programs, we will travel to a preschool with sports equipment and we introduce preschoolers and teachers to a wide range of classic sports AND fun “outside-the-box” camp games and activities.  It’s a great way to break up the schedule of sitting in a classroom all day.  We have found that these sessions help greatly build on children’s gross motor development and hand-eye coordination, as well as general enjoyment of sports and being active.  We encourage all children, and even have teachers, to participate and all classes have energy booming through the roof.

All of our staffed coaches have been cleared with CORI and SORI checks and work with preschool Directors to develop a schedule and a plan for the classes to be instructed.  They have years of experience in leading sports, games, and overall FUN with small to large groups for every age!   We are available year-round and are ready to jump in at any point to get everyone active and learning in a provenly fun way!

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Preschool Rentals

The Viking Activity Center is the perfect destination for any preschool looking for a fun indoor space and it is available for rent during the week in hour long blocks. Schools have the option to use the Center as an Open Play space or have Viking’s experience staff run organized classes filled with age appropriate games.

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Field Trips

With our assortment of Bounce Houses, over sized blocks, and fun sports equipment the Viking Activity Center is a great field trip destination for any preschool.

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Parterning with Viking has its perks.  Families who attend your preschool get discounts on all of our programs and services, including Open Play and Birthday Parties.

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Examples of Games

Some of the games we play range from traditional sports and childhood games, to more creative and everyday types of activities.  We have put our own Viking twist on some basic games and can keep the fun rolling with any number of hybrid game styles.  Coaches always demonstrate and explain how to play each game at a level children can understand, and these games are guaranteed to get everyone up, moving, and excited for more.  Here is a short example of some Preschool level games we love to play:

  • Soccer
  • Dodgeball
  • Reindeer Tails
  • Fishy Fishy Cross My Ocean
  • Night at the Museum
  • Individge
  • Parachute
  • Messy Backyard
  • … and many more