Summer – Wednesday 5:00 Baseball/T-Ball (Grade PreK) – Rockland

Viking’s Rockland Tee-Ball and youth Baseball programs introduce children to catching, throwing, batting, baserunning, and fielding. All players hit and run the bases each inning – there are no outs. For batting, coaches will pitch or batting tees are used. We use soft, safe baseballs and/or tennis balls to build children’s confidence and coordination in a safe manner. Our program focuses on hand eye coordination, lateral movement, quickness, agility, and above all else, sportsmanship. All classes serve the purpose of getting children familiarized & comfortable with the rules, motions & mechanics of baseball. All players receive a Viking Sports T-shirt.


IMPORTANT: Registration is done through the Rockland Recreation Department.  To register:

1. Click on “Register Now” (this will redirect to the Rockland Rec website)
2. Click on the class you want to register for (you will need to create an account with the Rockland Rec Dep.)

email:  phone #: 781-871-1730

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