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Youth Dodgeball Clinic

Viking’s youth Dodgeball program is all about high energy fun! Kids play different versions and variations of dodgeball and even learn different strategies. Classes are 50 minutes long and will be taught by Viking Coaches. Dodgeball is an excellent game for developing hand/eye coordination all while being a tremendous cardio workout. Bottom line, this program is exciting and fun! Viking offers dodgeball in both a scrimmage and league format. All players receive a Viking Sports T-shirt.


Viking Activity Center (143 Cypress St.)


1st & 2nd

Coaches encourage sportsmanship, toughness, and will fine tune skills that are necessary to play other professional sports (baseball, soccer, basketball, hockey, etc). This course will help your student build up agility, athleticism, awareness, hand-eye coordination, and proper mechanics during the course of the 7-week session. Strategies will be discussed & taught and highly recommended. Learn how to be fast & strategic to claim your spot as king of the hill!


’00 – ’07: Sign in/Stretch/Warm up Run
’07 – ’15: Basics Recap
’15 – ’35: Drills & Skills Games
’35 – ’50: Friendly Scrimmage


  • Classic Dodgeball
  • Hybrid (Doctor, Jailbreak, Jumping Jack, Opposite Hand, Prison, Revenge, Traitor)
  • Castle/Barrier Dodgeball
  • CTF Dodgeball
  • Four Quarters
  • Island Dodgeball
  • Individge (Revenge, Team)
  • Kick’n’Dodge (or Hack-Kill)
  • Jedi
  • Pinball
  • Pony Express
  • Powerball
  • Poisonball
  • Protect the King

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Youth Dodgeball League

Become king of the hill with our weekly 5 vs 5 Viking Dodgeball League.

If your child likes Dodgeball, then they will LOVE this league. Every Wednesday night, three teams are scheduled, with each team playing the other in a series of games. Gator Skin balls are used for fast paced fun. Team with the most wins for the session takes the glory!


Viking Activity Center (143 Cypress St.)


3rd-5th (space limited to 6 teams)


Based on School and Friend Request

Dodgeball League Information

  • Team Size: 8 kids max per team (5 kids + 3 sub)
  • Season Length: 7 Weeks
  • Team T-shirt and Referee included


’00-’20: Match #1 (A vs. B)
’20-’40: Match #2 (A vs. C)
’40-’60: Match #3 (B vs. C)

*Time will be allotted for sign in, warm up drills, water breaks, floor set up & team organization.

RULES & Guidelines:

  1. Games will be played in sets of 3 between 2 teams.Each game will have a 6 minute timer; if there is no winner when time runs out, the round is TIED.
  2. Opening Rush – Players start on stomachs, with feet on the back line. Whistle sounds & players run to center line, pick up ball and must touch own back line before throwing
  3. OUTS – Any player hit with an opposing player’s throw must sit on the sideline (in order from first to last hit). If you throw a ball and a member from the opposing team catches your throw, you must sit on the side line until allowed back in.
  4. Coming back in – You may come in only after a player from your team catches an opposing player’s throw
    1. No stepping over the center line to the opposite side. If a player from team A hits player on Team B while overstepping the line, Player A is OUT.
    2. Head shots will not count & players will remain in play if hit in the head by a dodgeball.
    3. Players will be held to a high standard of conduct and sportsmanship.

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