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What are Fall Half-Day Sports Camps*?

  • Viking Fall Half-Day Sports Camps are condensed versions of our popular Multi-Sports and Sport-Specific Summer Camps run every week during the Fall. Just like we keep your kids running around all Summer long, we intend to continue that right through the Fall! Our Multi-Sports Camps will be all sorts of sports and games and our Sport-Specific Camps will help children of all experience levels develop and improve their skills in their favorite sport(s).

What Sports Camps are there and for what age groups?

  • Multi-Sports (ages 5-11)
  • Basketball (ages 8-13)
  • Flag Football (ages 8-13)
  • Soccer (ages 8-13)

When are these Camps?

  • Just like our summer camps, our fall camps are week long camps starting on September 21st.
  • These camps are Shine Only**, Four-Day Camps, run every Monday through Thursday. Fridays will be used as the Make-Up Day for a rainout.
  • These camps will run for three hours after remote/hybrid school ends. Right now, the Brookline Public Schools intend on doing remote learning with the school days ending at 2:30pm. Therefore, we will run our camps from 3-6pm in Brookline.

Where are these Camps?

  • Brookline
    • Waldstein Park (Dean Road, Brookline)
    • Warren Basketball Courts (133 Eliot Street, Brookline)
    • Baldwin Field (436 Heath Street, Chestnut Hill)
  • Medway

*Due to the social distancing guidelines that are currently in place, our sports clinics will not include scrimmages or other close-contact games. A majority of this clinics’s activities will have an emphasis on skill development, conditioning, and games that comply with social distancing guidelines. As we get closer to the start of the season, these guidelines may loosen allowing for more close contact games, but in the meantime, we are preparing for this season to follow the social distancing guidelines currently set forth by the DPH.

**If there are two or more rain-outs in a week, you will receive a refund for all of the canceled camp days. (i.e. If there are TWO rainouts in a week, you will receive a refund for ONE day since your child was able to attend THREE days of camp and this is FOUR day camp). We will only issue refunds for days that we (Viking) cancel.

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