Zachary J. Lerman

Zachary J. Lerman- CFO & Co-Owner

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Zachary J. Lerman is the Co-Owner and Chief Financial Officer for Viking Sports headquartered in Brookline, Massachusetts. Since Mr. Lerman has taken over this position, Viking Sports has more than doubled in size and enrollment. His fiscal oversight has given Viking the ability to donate more resources to various causes (sponsoring races, PTO events & auctions, town functions, etc.) which in turns helps highlight Viking’s commitment to the community. His main goal for the company is to strengthen and streamline all facets of the Viking operation and to improve productivity, all while ensuring Viking never loses its “fun first” attitude. Mr. Lerman’s measured approach and straight forward management style is the perfect counterbalance to his pie-in-the-sky business partner which in turn allows Viking to have the perfect blend of leadership qualities at the top of their organization.

Mr. Lerman oversees the expansion of the company into new markets as well as developing new ideas in their current existing markets.

Mr. Lerman graduated magna cum laude from the Berklee College of Music with a BA in Film Scoring. Mr. Lerman has recorded and performed live all over the Eastern United States in a variety of different live acts and venues and continues to perform to this day.

Mr. Lerman is a proud, longtime resident of Brookline, Massachusetts and is married to Keely Lerman, a sixth grade math teacher and co-chair of the math department at the Fessenden School in Newton. Keely and Zach had their first child in June ’19, Charlotte Louise, and just had their second child in June of 2021, Ivy Michael, and they are very excited to start sending kids to Viking programs in the very near future!

Facts About Zachary

Hometown – Hanover, PA
Favorite Food – Sushi (ask for the Zach Roll at Super Fusion on Washington St.!)
Tv Show –  I’m more into Audible…
Sporting Interest/Favorite Sport – Baseball & Golf
Sports covered at Viking – I can’t think of a sport I haven’t coached!