Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


We missed the first week of the season. / We will be away and unable to make it to one (or two) of the weeks for this program.  Would you be able to prorate the price of the clinic/league for the remainder of the season?

We are unable to prorate prices for any programs offered at Viking Sports.  This is a strict company policy to which we do not allow exceptions, unfortunately.  We understand there are extenuating circumstances sometimes; however, our procedures do not allow for prorated prices.  Thank you in advance for your understanding regarding this policy.


I / Our child left a water bottle/sweatshirt/etc. at practice/the game/camp the other day.  Do you have a lost and found? If so, where can I go to find that, and what time can I come by?

We do have a lost and found collection located at our office at 143 Cypress St. in Brookline, MA 02445.  Please come by anytime between 9AM and 2PM on Monday through Saturday. (Visit our social media outlets to check for any modified office hours on holidays.)  Please note that items are only turned in to the lost and found at the office after two weeks have passed. In the interim, the item(s) are kept with the coaches’s equipment at the facility in which your or your child’s camp, clinic, or league is being held.  Please contact info@vikingcamps.com for any clarification needed on this matter.


What is the best way to reach a manager at Viking Sports?

The best way to reach us is via email at info@vikingcamps.com.  This will ensure your message is delivered to the appropriate party/parties.  All emails are returned within twenty-four (24) hours on all seven (7) days each week.  You may also call us at (508) 358-5066. If we are unable to answer at the time of your call, then please leave us a voice message.  Someone will return your call within twenty-four to forty-eight (24-48) hours on standard Viking Sports business days (Mondays through Fridays, excluding holidays).  Please note that all calls and voicemails will be triaged according to the urgency of the subject matter, and we receive a very high volume of incoming calls and emails in our peak summer hours.


We missed last week. / We will be unable to attend next week’s session.  What is your make-up policy?

If you miss a session of one of our clinics, then you are eligible to attend any another clinic of the same sport and age group that we offer at another time during the week at any time.  Please just email us to let us know about the absence and the make-up session of your choice as soon as you become aware of it.


I saw/heard something about private lessons with Viking Sports coaches.  What are the details on that?

Private lessons cost $60 per hour per coach.  Please see https://www.vikingcamps.com/private-lessons/ for further information.  Private group lessons/clinics are also available for groups of two (2) or more children.  Prices depend on group size. The maximum amount of children allowed per coach depends on local regulations.  The price for the private group is multiplied by the number of coaches needed to run it. These are outlined at https://www.vikingcamps.com/private-lessons/, as well.


I want to book my child(ren)’s birthday party with Viking Sports.  What is included in the cost of a Viking Sports birthday party and how do I book one?

Off-site and outdoor birthday parties start at $275.  This base price includes two (2) Viking Sports coaches for two (2) hours for parties of twenty-five (25) or fewer children along with a birthday party coordinator to assist in the planning of your birthday party plus ample sports equipment for the day of the party.  We offer sports-specific/sports themed birthday parties for children ages five (5) and up, and we offer “open play” parties for children ages four (4) and younger. The base price is the same for both age groups. For open play birthday parties, two (2) bounce houses are also included.  Viking Ninja Warrior (VNW) birthday parties start at $499. Please note that VNW parties are only available off-site and do not offer a rain back-up option. VNW parties include a birthday party coordinator to plan the party, two (2) coaches for two (2) hours (including the 30 minute set-up and break-down time), a premium obstacle bounce house, a Viking Ninja Warrior course utilizing stationary-ground & slack-line obstacles along with regular sports gear.  VNW parties are only offered to children ages five (5) and up, and have a maximum of twenty (20) children per party.

Viking Sports birthday parties scheduled for the Viking Activity Center (VAC) start at $375.  This base price includes the two (2) -hour rental of the Activity Center, two (2) coaches, a birthday party coordinator, plenty of sports equipment, tables, chairs, and two (2) bounce houses (for parties for children ages four (4) and younger only).  The maximum number of children for a sports-specific/sports themed birthday party at the VAC is fifteen (15) children, and the maximum number of children for an open play” birthday party is twenty-five (25) children. Additional party-goers are $5 each.  A “plan-your-own party” can also be scheduled for $300. This price includes tables, chairs, a two (2)-hour facility rental, and one (1) coach for set-up and post-party clean-up.

Please note that a birthday party deposit of $75 is required within the first seventy-two (72) hours of booking.  Parties can be booked directly on our website at https://www.vikingcamps.com/birthdays/contact-a-party-coordinator/.  A follow-up email will be automatically sent after a party is scheduled, giving more details and the policy on the deposit.  If the deposit is not received within the allotted time period, the slot you booked for the party will be opened back up to the public and your party will be cancelled.  Full payment for the party is due within forty-eight (48) hours of the scheduled birthday party. Please call (508) 358-5066 with any further birthday-party-related questions or concerns, and a birthday party coordinator will return your call as soon as possible.

Available add-ons are offered in the follow-up email sent after a birthday party is booked.  These include a photographer for $200, an extra hour for $125, and the Viking Sports Starter Package for $30, which includes tablecloths, cups, napkins, and utensils.  Tables and chairs can be purchased for an outdoor/off-site birthday party for $100. Please note travel fees are also included for outdoor/off-site birthday parties. Travel fee prices vary according to distance from the Viking Activity Center (VAC).  To add the rain back-up option to any outdoor/off-site birthday party, there is an additional cost of $130 above the $275 base price. This price is non-refundable, despite whether the party is held indoors or outdoors due to the hold placed on the VAC.  Additionally, the deposit for a party with a rain back-up option is $205 instead of the typical $75.


Can I get a refund?

Viking does not issue refunds for non-medical cancelations. However, if you do need to cancel a camp or program, you may request one of the following:

  1. Full credit towards a future Viking camp or program that is good for one year from the time of request OR
  2. A refund minus a processing fee of $35/camp or program for each child*

For a full refund a doctor’s note is required.

*For Adult Basketball and Adult Soccer, the refund processing fees are $100/team or $35/free agent.



For Summer Camp:


We are only able to make it to three days of camp during the five-day week.  Could you prorate the price for us, please?

We are unable to prorate prices for camp at Viking Sports.  We do offer a daily rate. Please email info@vikingcamps.com to ask for a link to pay for the daily rate on our online store.  However, the daily rate is only cost effective for one (1) or two (2) days.  After two (2) days, it becomes more cost effective to pay for the entire week of camp.  Other than the daily rate, we are unable to make exceptions to offer any prorated prices at Viking Sports.


Can I sign my child up for one day of camp in any given week?

You can sign your child(ren) up for one day of camp in any given week using our daily rate.  Please email info@vikingcamps.com to ask for a link to pay for the daily rate on our online store.  Other than the daily rate, we are unable to make exceptions to offer any prorated prices at Viking Sports.


I forgot to sign up for early drop-off and/or extended day when I registered my kid for camp.  Can I still sign up?

Yes, you absolutely can add early drop-off or extended day later on after registering your child(ren) for camp.  Please email info@vikingcamps.com to ask for the link to pay for it on our online store.  We offer both a daily rate and a price for a full week of both early drop-off and extended day.


What do I need to pack for my kid for camp?

Please make sure to pack a water bottle, snack, and lunch.  Water is always available at Viking Sports camps for campers to (re)fill water bottles.  Cleats and shin guards are encouraged but not required. If your child does wear cleats to camp, then please also pack a pair of sneakers in case the camp is moved inside due to rain or extreme heat.  We also recommend packing a change of clothes in case of accidents, rain, or extreme heat. Spray bottles can be helpful for some kids on very hot days, as well.

For sport-specific camps, please bring the following:  a baseball/softball glove and cleats for baseball or softball camp, a football and cleats for football camp, a basketball and basketball shoes for basketball camp, a lacrosse stick and cleats for lacrosse camp, a tennis racquet and tennis shoes for tennis camp, and a soccer ball, cleats, and shin guards for soccer camp.  For dodgeball/Gaga ball and SNAG golf camps, no additional equipment is required.

For one-day and vacation camps, please make sure to pack a water bottle, snack, lunch, and sneakers.  Shin guards are recommended but not required.


I need my kid to remember to reapply sunscreen.  Can you remind them?

We are happy to help parents out with any reminders for our campers.  However, please keep in mind that the coaches make sure all children reapply sunscreen every couple of hours while at camp already.  We have extra sunscreen on hand for any campers who do not bring their own. If your child still comes home sunburnt, then please discuss this with the camp director or your child’s specific coach at drop-off in the morning.  The coach can make sure to help your child out with applying sunscreen at the appointed times at camp.


What is “Theme Day,” anyway?

At Viking Sports camps, we do a theme day every week on Thursday.  The theme varies from week to week. Theme days are a fun tradition, which allow campers and coaches to appropriately express themselves by dressing to an overall theme such as wearing a crazy hat on Crazy Hat Day.  Parents will receive reminder emails ahead of time, alerting them to the theme of the week. A description of the theme day will be included in this email for our less-intuitive theme day names (American Pride, Boston Sports Day, Jersey Day, etc.).


What about “Tournament Day” – what’s that?

Tournament Day is a long upheld Viking Sports tradition, which is held on Friday, the last day of camp, each week.  Campers are split into teams mixed in with all age groups. The day follows a slightly different schedule than the rest of the week, involving games and challenges, which encourage friendly competition between the teams.  At the end of the day, the winning team is recognized in the whole-group setting. Then, the awards ceremony begins. Every camper receives a trophy at the awards ceremony. Parents are invited to come fifteen minutes early to pick-up to attend the awards ceremony.


Will my child be mixed in with older/younger peers throughout the day at camp?

At Viking Sports camps, campers are split up according to age group as much as possible.  Each age grouping has a separate set of coaches with coach to camper ratios in adherence to local regulations.  We name each age grouping after one of the major Boston professional sports teams. We give the youngest group, ages four to five (4-5), the name Bruins.  We call the six to seven (6-7) year-olds the Red Sox. The eight to nine (8-9) year-olds are called the Celtics. Finally, the ten to eleven (10-11) year-olds are called the Patriots.  The last activity of the day involves all campers and is under the supervision of all staff members. Our younger children will continue to get the one to one (1:1) support they need during the camp-wide activity.


Do you still have availability for an 8 year-old to register for summer camp?

Registrations are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.  The registration link on our website will clarify whether or not the program is open or at capacity.  If a registration link is present, that means that we still have space. We do not determine availability or discriminate based on age; therefore some age groups will have more students than others.


Can I sign up my 3 year-old for camp with his/her sibling?

We highly encourage you to wait to sign up your child once he or she is at least 4 years of age or older to attend Viking camps.  From years of experience, we have found that kids really need that extra year to grow and develop physically, mentally and emotionally before they are ready for a commitment like sports camp, even with the comfort of an older sibling.  Our camps are typically offered for children ages 4-13, and within the camps children are split up into four groups based on age/developmental ranges.