Viking at Home

Hire a Coach

Hire a coach to play games at your house or at a park with your child or a group of kids. The goal of this service is to give kids a constructive outlet to play. Families find this service most helpful as a gym class for home schoolers or after a day of remote learning. If you are looking for something to develop skills look into our Private Lesson and Group Private Lesson offerings.

How it Works

A family can hire a Viking coach for an hour a day or for multiple hours a day.  A Viking coach will arrive with equipment to play games your child will love. We follow all COVID guidelines which means our coaches wear masks, sanitize equipment, and practice other COVID rules when more than one household is participating.

Viking at Home Rates

1-3 kids $45/hour (a refundable deposit of $45 is required when booking this service)
4-6 kids $60/hour


We are able to offer this service in Boston, Brookline, and Newton.

Hire a Coach