I love a good Gotcha game which is why I created this. It’s called 4 sides and I play this game all the time because it requires no equipment. Here is how it works: choose 4 sides that resemble a shape like a square or a rectangle. Give each side a name after a color, favorite food, or sports team. Really, anything that your creative brain can think of. What ever side you say, that’s where the kids have to run. The last kid who gets to the chosen side, has to do a silly face or crawl like a baby or something silly to keep them motivated.

Once they get the idea of the game down, really make it tricky by pointing to one side while saying another or by switching the side while they are running. Finally give each side an action that needs to be completed when there. When they run to the Bacon side they have to do 5 push ups. When they run to Organic Tofu they have to do 5 jumping jacks. For those kids and parents who are competitive make it so the first person to get to the side first 10 times wins.

There are so many things you can do to keep this game fun and fresh, which adds to its versatility. And dont forget if you dont have it doesn’t count.