Everyone should have a good water game in their arsenal, which is why we created this game. It’s called Water Express. To play this game you need, as the title suggests, water! Once you sort out the water supply, you’ll need buckets to hold the water, cones or something to create a track to run outside of, and something throw the water, like a water blaster, cup, or a small bucket. After setting up the playing area, explain the rules: 

  1. Players have ta start on opposite ends of the playing area
  2. They have to run in the same direction
  3. You an only squirt in front of you and to the side. You can be Liberal when enforcing that one
  4. You can reload on water at either bucket

This game can last as long as you want. If you decide to play you will definitely get in a workout while getting absolutely drenched. If you have a younger kid or an over eager spectator who wants to be involved, let them be the wild card and squirt whoever whenever however they want. 

The whole point of every game is to have fun and this game is no different. Play this game in the yard, at a park, or at the beach. And remember if you don’t have fun, it doesn’t count.