Sometimes a kid just has to run which why we created this game. It’s called Dodge Boom, which is like dodgeball and tag, but with a few twists. Before you can play the game, you need to know how to set it up and the rules. For equipment you do not need much. You need a playing area that has a side or a home base for every player, a few balls that you can throw like gator skin balls or balled up socks, and people to play. 

Have the kids start at their home base with the balls in the middle of the playing area. When you say “GO” the players meet in the middle by either walking or running, completely your call. Then they do Rock, Paper, Scissors. The person who LOSES has to run to their home base without being hit by the ball. The person who WINS has to pick up the ball and hit the person before they get to their home base. If the person gets to their home base safely they get a point. If the person does not get to home base safely then the thrower gets a point. The person who gets the point starts the next round in their home base, while the person or people who did not get the point starts off in the middle doing something that exerts energy like holding plank, running in place, or doing mountain climbers. When the other player greets them to do rock paper scissors then they stop and do the next round.

If you have more than one player, have all the players meet in the middle to do rock, paper, scissors. If someone loses to one person and wins against another they get to hit the person who they beat while avoiding the person who beat them. Also, add a time limit to jack up the fun to new levels. After the kids do the rock, paper, scissors give the losing player 10, 20, even 30 seconds before then can get to their home base. The player with the balls gets to chase the other player. There will be dodging, giggling, and lots of running.

As the kids learn the ropes and start figuring out the loop holes, adjust the rules to keep things fair. If you don’t have objects you can safely throw, simply have the players tag each other instead. Creating a large playing area maximizes the running which in turn maximizes the fun. And don’t forget if you don’t have fun, it doesn’t count.