Before Viking Ninja Warrior parties became our most popular birthday offering, it was nothing. Then one day a request came in asking us to do something we’ve never done, so naturally we accepted the challenge. Coach Chris explains how our first Ninja Warrior party unfolded.

“Back in 2017 we received a request to run a birthday party of unparalleled proportions.  We had been asked to do a Ninja Warrior themed birthday party for the first time ever and we were all about it.  After some deliberation and hard work creating physical obstacles, we had a completed course ready for transport.  Coach Anthony and I rode over to the party spot and set up the course, complete with quintuple steps, hurdles, tires, floating steps, balance beams, ladders, and more.  To our surprise, the host family had a zip line rigged between trees in their backyard, which made a perfect addition to an already action packed course. 

Kids flooded in, times were kept, steps were quintupled, hurdles were hurdled, lines were zipped, scores were announced, and excitement was hardly contained.  After all was said and done, the birthday girl rounded out the day with the fastest course time and provided an official world record to carry us into years to come.  Of course, before everyone went separate ways, we closed out the party with some good old fashioned dodgeball between the kids and parents.  Since that fateful thrill-filled day, Ninja Warrior has lived on with Viking, making appearances in outdoor clinics, afterschool programs, camps and birthday parties.  Safe to say it’s a Viking Classic!”