As a basketball player, there is no better time to develop your skills, improve your jumpshot and take your game to another level than the off-season/summertime. Take time out of everyday to get shots up, work on ball-handling and exercise. Your weaknesses from last season should not carry over into next season. Summertime is where your weaknesses become strengths. For the AAU players, don’t allow yourself to be consumed with just playing games and tournaments each weekend. You need to make time and make the extra effort to work on individual skills through drills and workouts. Set goals for yourself to accomplish by the end of the summer like making 500 shots everyday, increasing your vertical, etc. Challenge yourself to get better everyday. Don’t just do the bare minimum. Set yourself apart from the competition. By the time the new school year begins and the basketball season is upon us, you don’t want to be the same player as last year! Get off the couch and chase greatness!