This game I’m sharing is called Pull the Tail. There is running, counting, and lots of variations to keep it fun.  Setting things up is simple. You need objects, likes balls and toys, which live in the middle of the playing area. Then you need to set up zones for each player with cones or t-shirts or any other visual marker. 

To begin have each player stand in their zone. When you say GO each player has to take one object from the middle and bring it to their zone. The round ends when there are no more objects left. Believe me when I say, it’s super simple. 

For the next level, change things up. Make is so the first person to get 5 objects wins and this time they can take objects from the other players zones. Be smart and make sure you have few enough objects so it cant be a tie. 

Finally make the game Legendary by adding in a Tail. The person to pull everyone’s tail wins, but you can only pull tails when you have 5 or more objects in your zone. If you dip below 5, you can’t go tail hunting. This keeps the game flow fast paced. 

Finally, inject yourself into the fun and have it be a kids versus grown up competition. They have to pull your tail before you expertly pull theirs. They have youth, but you have wisdom and size so use both!

This game will certainly elevate everyone’s heart rate with its constant running. It is easy to understand, which adds to its high level of fun. And don’t forget, if you don’t have fun, it doesn’t count.