This game is a Viking classic. We call it reindeer tails. You can play this game where ever there is space. Outside, in a living room, on the beach. Literally anywhere. The only equipment you need is a tail. Tails can be anything made of fabric, like a t-shirt, long sock, or even a hanky. 

This game can be played with as few as two people. To start go over the rules.

  1. Tails must be tucked into your pants
  2. You can never pull your own tail
  3. If you pull a tail at the same time, do rock, paper, scissor to see who stays in.

After establishing the ground rules, designate a boundary, like “only the grass or to the end of the driveway” or if you need to put down visual markers like I did, go for it. Have everyone spread out and let the fun begin. This game really runs itself and its a joy to watch. If you find yourself wanting to jump into the action, go for it! Have the kids pull your tail before you pull theirs. 

And remember, if you dont have fun, it doesn’t count.