As part of our mission to create an all-inclusive community in which fun through physical activity is recognized as crucial to a well-rounded lifestyle, Viking Sports has recently partnered with local service organizations like the Brookline Food Bank and Toys for Tots. Our aim is to uphold and spread our Viking values of fun for all, nurturing a sense of community, providing a safe environment, fostering healthy physical, social and emotional development and acceptance of all skill levels and styles through these service partnerships and events.


The holiday season naturally provides opportunities for us to link up our service outreach efforts with the spirit of the season and the theme of the month. During Thanksgiving, we held a food drive that was paired with Open Play at our Viking Activity Center. The goal was food and fun for all, and with the support of our members, visitors and strong employee force, we made it happen! Here at Viking, we strive to bring health and happiness to as many of our community members as possible, and we are always looking for more people to get involved in our mission.


During the winter holiday season, Viking is holding a toy drive during our Open Play hours. We have had tons of fun decorating and setting up for each of these different seasonal themes and in figuring out how we could pair service and inclusion with all that we do. We keep the collection boxes for our service events at the Viking Activity Center. If you or your child is participating in one of our clinics/leagues/camps not at the Center, we encourage all of participants to visit the Activity Center to participate in these outreach events and be a part of something larger than just self-contained sports and fun. With your support, we can reach more people than ever before!