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Our Pre-K camp is geared towards 4 year olds who will be entering Pre-K in the fall. As this is likely your child’s first camp experience, our knowledgeable coaching staff strive to create an incredible experience in an environment that is fun and safe and that you feel comfortable leaving your child with us for the day. As the week plays out and your child breaks out of their social shell, there is a good chance they will not want to leave camp. In some locations, including Brookline, kids will have an opportunity during the week to play in our array of bounce houses that we bring to Brookline High School on certain days. Also… all kids receive a Viking T-shirt, stickers, and a trophy!

Our goal is to make each child’s camp experience memorable and fun.

About Viking Pre-K Summer Camps

During this half day camps kids play fun variety of sports including soccer, tag, t-ball, dodge ball, kickball, capture the flag, floor hockey, line tag, reindeer tails, and many other sports, gym games, and camp activities. We may run through sprinklers or play in the play ground if the day allows.

This is designed to promote regular physical activity, teach good sportsmanship, and introduce kids to playing in a team environment. During the week, our experienced coaching staff strive to create an incredible experience and atmosphere of engagement and teamwork for all of our campers.

Our Pre-K camp runs from 9am-12pm. We also offer early drop off (8am-9am) and extended day (12pm-3pm) options. All Pre-K camps are one week long. You may register your child for one or more weeks.


Games Played at Camp

Multi-Sports Camps

For our Multi-Sports Camps, we will introduce the kids to a variety of sports, games, and activities. Our games are simple to learn and really fun to play. We like to introduce kids to games that they in turn can bring home and play with their friends. This approach allows kids to focus more on playing and having fun versus listening to a laundry list of rules and watching elaborate set ups. Games we play include (but are not limited to):

Soccer & Soccer Variations

  • World Cup
  • Goalie Wars
  • Dynasty
  • Shoot Out
Baseball & Baseball Variations

  • Home Run Derby
  • Whiffle Ball
  • Pickle
  • Fenway Baseball
Basketball & Basketball Variations

  • Knockout (all on lower hoops)
  • 3 Point Contest
  • King of the Court
Other Traditional Games

  • Street/Floor Hockey
  • Kickball
  • Dodgeball
  • Team Handball
Non Traditional Games

  • Gaga Ball
  • Capture the Flag
  • Newcomb
  • Reindeer Tails
  • Pony Express
  • Head Catch/Flinch
  • Watermelon
  • Many variations of Tag

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All Viking camps must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the local board of health.

Viking Summer Camp Details

The coaching and instruction offered at all Viking Sports Camps is intended to meet the needs of players of all ages and skill levels. Children will not only work on individual skill development, but on how to effectively participate on teams. All camps are co-ed. The philosophy at all Viking camps is safety, good sportsmanship, and fun.

Viking Sports Camp Coaches

All coaches are carefully selected based on their enthusiasm, professionalism, and experience. Our pool of highly qualified coaches includes athletes, teachers, established coaches, and undergraduate and graduate college students. Every Viking coach is dedicated to helping children learn and play sports. Our coaches & CITs serve as role models for campers. Positive relationships between coaches and campers build confidence and self-esteem. The coach to camper ratio complies with Massachusetts Health Department guidelines and is as follows: 1 coach per 5 campers for children 6 and under.

A Typical Daily Schedule

Time Event
8:00am Campers enrolled in Early Drop-Off arrive and check-in*
8:55am Campers arrive and check-in
9:00am Campers go to their groups and begin morning stretches
9:20am Instruction and games begin
10:30am Snack
11:00am Instruction and games resume
12:00pm Day concludes and Extended Day begins
3:00pm Extended Day concludes*

*Early Drop-Off, Extended Day, and Camp Check-Out time vary for each location

Note: Every group takes multiple water, shade, and sunscreen breaks throughout the day

Early Drop-off/Extended Day

For some locations, we are able to offer pre-registered early drop-off (8:00am-9:00am) and extended day (12:00pm-3:00pm) options are available for campers. During early drop-off and extended day, children may choose to read, write, draw, play board games, watch sports/other videos, learn chess/checkers, play more sports/games and more.

Rain Day & Excessive Heat Days

Every Viking Camp has an indoor alternative in case of rain or excessive heat.

What To Bring To Camp

All players should bring appropriate clothing for the climate and to participate in a fun day of sports. All campers should bring a light snack, plenty of drinks, and a packed lunch to camp. Although water will be provided, campers must bring their own water bottle. All players should apply sunscreen at home before coming to camp and should bring a bottle of sunscreen to camp so that coaches can remind them to reapply it in the afternoon; Viking Sports Camps will also have sunscreen available (Water Babies Hypoallergenic SPF 50) for players who forget to bring their own. Players that bring cleats must also bring sneakers in case we play inside the gymnasium or on the basketball court.

Sports equipment to be provided by parent/guardian:

  • Multi-Sports camp: shin-guards are recommended.

*Players MUST bring sneakers to camp each day in case we use the basketball court or gym.

Viking Summer Camp Locations


In Brookline, our summer sports camps are held at the Brookline High School (66 Tappan St.) Viking is fortunate enough to have access to the entire Cypress Field and Tappan Gymnasium Sports Complex. Cypress Field is the large sports field in the center of the Brookline High School complex. The field space alone has two full-size baseball diamonds and a regulation size football field (or soccer pitch). We also have access to the many regulation size and miniature soccer goals on site. This space allows us to play many different sports and games and split into multiple groups. The field is located next to the Cypress St. Playground which also allows us access to the outdoor basketball court and water park. The Brookline High School is located off about two blocks off of Rt. 9 and is just off of Cypress St. Not only is this location perfect for Brookline residents and the surrounding communities, but it is great for any parent who commutes into the city and needs an easy drop-off for their child’s camp. There is plenty of free parking (two parking lots, plus either side of Tappan St., Greenough St. and the left side of Davis St.) and it is also on the MBTA Green Line (D-Line Brookline Hills Stop). On inclement weather day (rain or excessive heat), we have access to the entire Tappan Gymnasium Complex, located at the same location. The complex consists of two full-size gymnasiums, a top-floor pavilion (which is the size of three full size basketball courts in one enormous open room!) and many large multi-purpose rooms.

On occasion, we may need to use an alternative Brookline location for camp. The first location we may use is at the Soule Recreation Center (652 Hammond St in Chestnut Hill). This is a beautiful location that is situated in a very peaceful, wooded part of Chestnut Hill. The amenities at this location include a full-size soccer pitch (that we can play any sport and game on), a smaller turf soccer field, a third grass field, and for inclement weather days, we have access to the Soule Gym, which is apart of the same complex. The Soule Recreation Center is located just off of route 9 near the brand new Star Market. For parking, please use the upper parking lot located at 436 Heath St.

Our second alternative location for our summer camp is Waldstein Park (aka Dean Rd. Park) in Brookline. This beautiful and newly renovated park is located near the corner of Dean Rd. & Beacon St. The park is located on Dean Rd. opposite the Beaconsfield T-stop (MBTA Green Line, D-Line). It is also about a five minute walk from Cleveland Circle if you are heading inbound on Beacon St. This park amenities include a baseball diamond, soccer goals, running track, basketball court, and water park. All amenities are brand new and parking is very convenient for drop off and pick up, as there are multiple options for parking on Dean Rd., Clinton Path, and Strathmore Rd. In case of inclement weather, we use the Runkle School Gym, who’s entrance is on Clinton Rd. near Dean Rd.

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