Party FAQ

Q:How many kids can we invite?
A: Up to 15- 25 kids depending on the age and party type. Once the number exceeds the listed capacity, it will be $10 per child over capacity.

Q: How do I reserve a spot?
A: You can lock in your date by paying a $75 deposit. Our Party Coordinator can take a deposit over the phone, in store, or online. Once you set the date, we hold that date for 48 hours without a deposit.  Once that time is up, anyone can book a party for that date and time.

Q: What is the earliest time I can book?
A: 11am. We book parties up to 4 months in advance.

Q: How long will we have the space rented?
A: 2 hours unless you pay for more time.

Q: Can we decorate the space?
A: Absolutely! We encourage you to make the space your own. Our staff will help you with the decorations. Just give them detailed directions.

Q: What do we do about food?
A: We have no allergy restrictions, so any food is fair game. Be mindful of kids who have food allergies. Pizza tends to be the easiest option as it is delivered hot and makes for an easy clean up.

Q: Where are good places for food?
A: We suggest Pino’s for pizza and Party Favors for cake. Both are on Beacon Street.