Viking’s Ultimate Challenge

Viking’s Ultimate Challenges generates the most fun possible to raise money while building community and an abundance of school spirit.

Viking’s Ultimate Challenges  

Many schools have parent volunteer organizations to help make the school experiences special for both the staff and the students. For these parent volunteer organizations to bring experiences to the school they need money.

That’s where Viking comes in. Traditionally fundraising opportunities include selling wrapping paper, flowers, or some other thing that no one really needs. They buy it to help support the school. Why not have loved ones support the school in another way by doing one of Viking Ultimate Challenges. 

Viking’s Ultimate Challenges are the ultimate way to build a community while raising money. Every Viking Ultimate Challenge is unique. We can create a school fundraiser Ultimate Challenge geared around our very popular Viking Ninja Warrior. We can use our wide array of games and activities to for a very fun Field Day or Team Building Ultimate Challenge. We can even take a sport, like soccer, to create a Soccer Ultimate Challenge that features nothing but games and activities around that sport.

Regardless of how you want to design your Ultimate Challenge it’s totally unique to your school.

Featured Example: Ultimate Tiger Challenge at Hemenway School

Hemenway School’s main fundraising vehicle was a Fun Run. Looking to do an inclusive event that gave more of the raised funds to the school while bringing a high level of excitement to the students, Hemenway School’s PTO settled on the Ultimate Tiger Challenge. The goals were to raise $23,000 without any trinket based prizes, increase school pride, and to build a stronger school community. All three goals were accomplished.

The Meeting– Like all things that deliver fun on a large scale, we first need to meet to hear your vision. 

Quote and Timeline– After we get an idea of what you want we can let you know the costs and what steps need to happen in order to get from day 0 to day Fun. Keep in mind no two Ultimate Challenges are the same. 

Communication and Execution– Now that everything is set with a plan in place, we start executing that plan while maintaining constant communication with the point person. 

The Big Day– This is it! The moment we were working so hard towards. Viking will arrive to get everything set up so the fun can happen. 

Chat with us and book a tentative date. We are currently booking Ultimate Challenges fundraisers and field days for the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023. We currently have limited capacity remaining for next school year.