A good running and throwing game always wins the day and that is exactly what this game is all about. It’s called 5-2. To play this game you need a bucket, basket, or milk crate, a ball, and something with weight like a rock. The object of this game is simple. Just throw the ball into the basket. Use chalk or a stick to create a throwing line. Players cannot shoot from in front of that line. If they make it in the basket the first time they get 5 points. If they miss and make their rebound or follow up shot in, they get 2 points. 


For round one have each player stand behind a throwing line and go one at a time to learn the rules. If they make their first shot, they get to go again. The game ends when someone gets to 50 points or whatever arbitrary number you decide. 

For round two put a time limit in place. The player has to make as many 5 point shots in 30 seconds. Here, everyone can go at once and each shot has to be taken from behind a throwing line. 

You can play this game with as few as one person, inside or outside. When you really grasp the game there are endless variations to keep things fun. 

And remember if you don’t have fun. It doesn’t count.