I hate when my kids make a mess, but that is the whole point of this game. It’s called Messy Backyard. To make this game work all you need is stuff. Clothes, balls, toys, literally anything that won’t hurt anyone. Setting up this game is simple. You only need two backyards. You can use sticks, cones, rope, anything that visually divides the two yards. Next make each yard messy with stuff. Finally let the kids know the rules. 

  1. You have to stay on your side 
  2. You have to thrown things to the other persons yard
  3. The kid with the cleanest backyard wins

Then start the game. Just sit back and watch the kids throw stuff back and forth. This game never has to end. But if you see the kids are having too much fun, be a kid again and hop on in. 

On rainy days you can play inside on sunny days you can play outside. If you decide to play you’ll be surprised by how much this fun game gets your blood pumping. And don’t forget that if you don’t have  have fun, it doesn’t count.